Ranger Company version 1.8 (updated April, 18,2010) testers still needed!!

Should the loot wagon require an npc to run? see page 8 for details.

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Mini Mod:  Ranger Company
Author: Tempered
Version: 1.8

                                Adorno has added some screenshots of his work with the Lord duel scenes.  Be sure to check them out on page 7.

I've added some fairly complex features in this version and would appreciate any bug feedback.  I'm mostly concerned with the messaging system. Let me know if you think it is unbalanced, you've found any bugs, or have features you would like to see implemented or changed.

Download from M&B Repository

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Screenshot by Adorno, using Gutekfiutek's hdr and dark mipmaps

This mod adds a new mercenary troop type with special abilities, Rangers. Rangers are masters of scouting and ambush. They can be randomly found in taverns like other mercenaries. You can upgrade other mercenary types to rangers as well.  Rangers can be used to ambush and delay other parties on the world map, spy on towns/villages/castles, and sabotage towns/villages/castles. The mod contains mainly scripting and scene changes. Don't expect a lot of new shiny items. The source code is included with the download and is open to any who wish to use it, no permission necessary. Credit would be appreciated. I will continue to work on the mod, adding or improving features as time permits. Any constructive comments welcome.

Other major features:
  Camp Entrenchment
  Messaging system
  Challenge Lords to duels for honor and renown.
  Supply Wagon for the player
  Peasant relations effect game play

Extract the contents of the downloaded .rar file. Inside you will find ranger_company.txt (this file you are reading), the ranger company folder, and a folder containing the source code, materials, meshes, and edited scenes.

To install the compiled ready to play version, extract the Ranger_Company.rar file. Cut and paste the extracted folder into your modules directory. If you do not plan on doing any modifications, you can safely delete the source code folder.

If you are a modder and want to add this to your mod, you should already know how to install it. Everything you need is in the source code folder. I do not have time to give step by step instructions on how to cut and paste from the .py files. I have included only the files that have been changed or added. All changes have been noted with the key word Tempered.

Known issues/bugs:

There is a short period of time where you can send more than one spy to a town. Don't do it, you will lose that spy. You are only allowed one spy per town. There is currently no fix for this problem.

Version features:

  version 1.0

Start game with 12 Rangers in party, for testing purposes.

camp entrenchment: option to build fortifications when camping. Also available for download as a stand alone kit.

Right click context menu items added:

  SKIRMISH: if you have a minimum of 5 Rangers in your party, you can send them to skirmish another party on the world map. This is useful for catching fast enemies (Rangers are fast mounted archers), picking off enemies from a group or delaying enemies you wish to get away from. The rangers will ride out to the enemy, fight for 1 round of battle, and return to your party. How many rangers you send is set by a slider presentation, so you have full control of how many to send and keep.

  SEND SPY: This is used to send one Ranger to infiltrate a town, village or castle. Every 12 hours, the spy updates your knowledge of the town/village/castle. Defenders of a town/village/castle are hidden by default. You can send spies to neutral or hostile centers. The ranger will spread good stories about you while in the town, thus increasing your reputation there. There is a chance that your spy will be caught and killed. This chance increases if spying on a castle, and also increases as your relation with the faction or town decreases. Available when right clicking a town, village or castle.

  RETRIEVE SPY: Tells your ranger to return to your party. Available when right clicking on a town with a spy in it.

  VIEW INFO: Not new, but the information in the notes have been updated by your spy. Available when right clicking on a town, village or castle.

  ORDER SABOTAGE: This opens a menu of sabotage choices for the current town. It is available when right clicking on a town with a spy in it. It costs 500 denar for your spy to setup the sabotage mission. I may adjust the costs if needed. I'm still working on new sabotage missions, but currently you can sabotage the following:

  Poison well: This will cause a number of defenders to become too sick to fight for a day.
Poison food: This reduces the amount of food stores a town or castle has for waiting out a siege.
  Poison cattle: This reduces the cattle herd of a village, thus reducing their prosperity.
  Cause unrest: This will cause rioting in a town or village, thus reducing prosperity. Be wary of entering a rioting town.
  Rescue Prisoner: This starts a mission where you, with the aid of your spy, rescue a lord prisoner or companion from a town or castle prison. The dungeon features working doors, some of which require keys to open. The default key to open doors is "G".

  Send Message: This allows you to send a messenger from your party to another party on the world map.  Currently the following messages have been implemented:
    Insult: Send an insult to a kingdom Lord.  He may chase you down or challenge you to a duel, depending on your faction relation.
    Hire to Attack:  This allows you to hire a visible party on the world map to attack another party, town, village, or castle.  Prices vary depending on relations.
    Trade:  Allows you to buy food items from Lord parties on the map. This will probably be expanded in the future to include towns, villages and caravans.
    Send a gift of wine:  Just like it says.  For sucking up to those hostile Lords.
    Send a gift of poisoned wine:  Just like it says.  For getting back at those hostile Lords.
  Hire to Follow: Hired Lord party will follow and protect you for 24 hours for a price.
    Challenge to duel:  Challenge a kingdom hero to a duel. Your renown must be within a certain range of his, or he will snub you.

Note that some messages are only visible under the right circumstances. For example, you will not get the choice to send a gift of wine if you have no wine in inventory.  You can also choose more than one item for the message, such as challenge to duel and send poisoned wine :twisted:  Not all items can be sent together, but the messaging system will not let you choose contradictory items.  The system will be expanded in future versions to include kingdom management orders.

Spy Report:

  This lists all the places you have spies and gives information on number of defenders, food stores, cattle herd size,lords imprisoned and how many days your spy has been in the town. Available from the reports menu at the bottom of the map screen.

Version 1.1

Added option to turn on cheats in camp action menu for testing purposes.
Added cheat option "imprison lord brula in sargoth prison" to test rescue prisoner sabotage mission.
added cheat "add 5 rangers to party".
Rebalanced rangers to be less effective in melee combat.
changed starting party to only have 2 rangers.
Fixed problem with tent collision mesh.

Version 1.2

When attacked while camping, you and your soldiers start unmounted.
Horses added to all camp scenes.
Some small tweaks to camp scenes.
If your camp is over run, you may lose gold, horses, or food.
If your camp is over run, your troops will no longer be resupplied with arrows during the battle.

Version 1.3

Fixed an error where skirmish parties would wait on map if you joined a battle with them.
Added dialog for joining battle with skirmish party.
Fixed an error with player camp being looted and not calculating correct amount of food loss.
If your camp is overrun, you will see smoke or flames coming from various camp items.
Changed hoof dust color and amount.
Removed inventory chest and replaced with supply tent for camp scenes.
Supply tent not accessible if your camp has been overrun.
You must have tools in inventory in order to entrench your camp.
You may lose tools if your camp is overrun.
If you leave an entrenched camp, you can return to it now without having to rebuild and without the moral loss. This only works for the last entrenched camp site and you must be very near the original site.
Added presentation "assess nearby parties" to before battle menu, detailing who will or will not join the battle on either side.
Menu item is only present if you are the attacker and have not yet started the battle.
Made extensive changes to script_let_nearby_parties_join_current_battle.
Added item "send messenger" to right click context menu. Messenger travels from your party to other parties on the world map and then back again. The messenger system will be expanded in future versions to include kingdom management type messages.
Kingdom hero parties now carry gold for travel expenses and food for their armies. Trading with them will effect their overall wealth. They may not have anything to trade for the first 7 days.
Numerous dialogue changes dealing with the messaging system.
You can challenge lords to a duel through the messaging system if your renown is within 200pts of the lords renown.
Lords may challenge you to a duel if you have insulted them through the messaging system.
You can give a gift of wine or poisoned wine to Lord parties through the messaging system. They may refuse the gift based on how much they trust you. You must have wine in inventory to do so.
You may hire lord parties to follow and aid you through the messaging system. The amount is based on your relations with the lord and faction.
You may hire lord parties to attack nearby enemies through the messaging system. This is very prelimenary work and will be changed in the future.
Added npc companion comments for various situations.
There are probably other changes I've failed to list.

Version 1.4

Squashed some bugs.

Version 1.5

  Many, many bug fixes. This version should be stable and error free.
When helping a farmer party in battle, you will now increase relations with their village.
Changed how the message system, attack party choice works. You now pick the party to attack on the world map by right click.
Removed spammed message about number of days a spy has been in town, was redundant and annoying.
Lowered trust level needed to accept gift of wine or poisoned wine.  :twisted:
Hired parties will now follow, attack, besiege, or raid villages up until the end of their hire time unless defeated by an enemy.

Version 1.6

Changed size bonus for faction leader parties. It is now based on territory held, instead of a constant number. So kings that are losing towns and castles will have smaller armies. The player will get this bonus also if leading a kingdom.
Added after battle presentation to choose what to do with remaining loot. You can now create a loot wagon party. The loot wagon party carries any remaining loot to a town of your choice and sells it for you. The party then returns to your army. You must have an npc companion lead the loot wagon. The loot wagon can also sell prisoners.
Changed entrench time again. It should no longer take more than 32 hours or less than 2 hours for any party to entrench. Remember that the major factor is how many troops you have and the minor bonus is the party engineer skill.
Fixed numerous bugs.
Many of the party encounter scenes have been enhanced by Adorno. The duel scenes in particular are looking much better.

Version 1.7

  Changed collision mesh for camp tents to keep horses and troops from climbing on top.
Added map icons for entrenched camp sites.
Fixed bug with item modifiers not showing up in loot wagon.
Abhuva fixed bug with player being captured and wagon not being checked for properly.
Added funeral pyre map icon just for the hell of it.
Test weapon added, shepards crook.

Version 1.8

Fixed shepherds crook mesh and texture.
Fixed some bugs with returning skirmishers and added dialog.
Changed how the entrench icon works. When you leave and entrenched campsite, you will now leave behind the entrenchment which remains visible on the map. You can return to the location and entrench instantly. The entrenchment deteriorates after approximately 120 hours. Only your last abandoned entrenchment remains on the map. When you make a new entrenchment, your last abandoned entrenchment will disappear.
Skirmishers now spend 2 hours game time after a battle disengaging from the enemy. After which time, they return to your party.
Removed the label from the funeral pyre. It was annoying.
Player relation with peasants can now lead to surprising results.
Fixed hidden troops in player owned towns and castles.
Removed faction check when encountering a battle. This now gives the player the choice of helping either side. Be careful not to click the wrong side, you may start a war or alienate your own vassals.
Other bug fixes and additions I don't remember.

******* CREDITS *********
Taleworlds for a great game and for the module system.
Adorno for screenshots, constructive feedback, dueling scenes and general support of the mod.
Abhuva for bug reporting and submitted bug fix code.

******* Permission to use or modify *********

Use and modification of this content is freely granted to all, with the exception of content created by those listed in the credits. Permission to use content listed in the credits must be obtained by their respective authors.


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Oh how I like your ideas - and with the entrenchment feature I have to try this also.

Order Sabotage will be my creed!  :razz:


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I can't work out how to do anything other than build fortifications and that doesn't seem to work. Instructions?


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Nothing of use there. Except building fortifications which takes 4 million days and turning off drowning for missions. No idea what that means


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RIGHT CLICK is the secret  :wink:

Right click towns or enemies and you'll see some options. It's pretty sweet.

EDIT: Oh, and when you have a spy in a town go to camp menu to get the reports.
So it's right click and camp - remember to try the entrenchment feature, it's cool:


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Oh thanks for that. I go to test

How do you do entrenchment?

I do the build fortifications thing but that just puts tents on the battle scene. I'm not waiting 4 million hours. Is it possible to edit that time?

Need answer soooooooon. I want to try this before going out


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Entrenchment should appear in the camp menu, but now I'm at work so I can't test it.

And Tempered: you forgot to remove the 'spawn hostile party' option. Pretty fun but unreal  :smile:


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really nice work you've done here!!! :grin:

now i'm modding so i don't have time, but i'll try it as soon as possible! :wink:


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Adorno said:
Entrenchment should appear in the camp menu, but now I'm at work so I can't test it.

And Tempered: you forgot to remove the 'spawn hostile party' option. Pretty fun but unreal  :smile:
Yeah, but it takes 4 million hours. Whenever i start building it i get attacked before it's finished and then you have to start again


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I guess Tempered used his version 1.1 of Entrenched Kit, where it depends on your engineer skill.
Try increasing your engineer skill just to see if it helps.


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You need some Rangers in your party (I assume you have that),
then right click on the town/castle and you'll have some options.
Same goes for enemy parties.

Queen Pinky said:
I love you Adorno
I love you too - but in a less gay way  :razz:


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Oh, well then it all makes sense  :razz:


On topic: I hope these 12 rangers to begin with will be removed in a later version.
I prefer the difficulty high and they make the early game very easy - even sea raiders pose little thread.
I like how expensive they are, but they're also very powerful warriors.