Randomness of character creation is driving me bat s*it crazy!

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There is a 99% chance devs won't even see this.
If they see this there is a 99% chance they will do nothing about it.
If they do something about it there is 50% chance they will make it worse.
If they do not make it worse there is a 99% chance it will be something well below expectations.
If they do something that meets expectations, 99% of equally good suggestions won't be considered or implemented.


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Currently it is a very restrained system that has a lot of opportunity with some tweaks. But Bannerlord will never have the character build community of Skyrim with the randomness of the current character creation system. Here are my main things refined a bit after this weekends experience.

Focus points – During the character creation the choices should only pre-select one of the focus point for each choice and the second one should go into a pool for the player to have more flexible options as many of the current choice are very redundant. For example boost one hand and two hand, bow and crossbow, etc. A lot of these redundant focus point end up being wasted which is stupid as they are Focus points and should only be put in skills the player will use.

The Damn randomness has almost ruined this game for me, give us the option to pick the following during character creation or a viable solution:

Player Starting home town – The list you can choose from would be determined only by the Culture you pick.

Horse color – Either fix your broken horse color or give the player a choice to pick it in character creation.

Just out of ****s and giggles I tried to create a Vlandian character with the Home town of Ocs Hall and a black horse and it took 36 times!!!!!

The system is trash and it needs some adjustments and reduced RnG period.
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This is an example of how stupid the randomness can get. So my character has straight long brown hair and this is what my parents got. J fros ...




I think the game might have a pool of phenotypes to choose from your given faction, no matter if you want to have a black haired character and brown skin character, as soon as you're Sturgian you're doomed in this aspect.
I could be wrong though.


Sometimes I wished I could reroll my parents too, but life gives what life gives. It's fairly realistic and immersive in the game as well


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It would be easy to put a dice on the CHOOSE your family screen that allows you to re-roll your parents look until you get something that looks like you are related (low expectations). Current system it pretty broken imo.

I still can't get over horse color is generated in character creation, what you get when you create your character you are stuck with the entire game.
I don't know if the characters looks are scripted or random but it doesn't seem difficult to set some parameters that "limit the randomness" and makes relatives more similar. It's a matter of devs taking notice and doing something about it.


6. Clan Name – Need ideas and often struggle to come up with one I like.
A list of Clan names is already available in the code of the game, same place as the names. They just have to implement the code to add suggestions in the text field. Take a look at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBoxCore\ModuleData\spcultures.xml (for the Steam version).
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