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How do you feel about Vraelomon?

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Congratulations on posting the ****test article ever written. I've had better articles of detritus in my literal ****.

"that never repeats"... even though it does. Aperiodic does not mean it never repeats, it means it isn't periodic. What literal mental glacier wrote this absolute trash. Of course it ****ing repeats, focking Penrose tyling can repeat itself, it's just not periodic. Parts of the pattern can reoccur/repeat but not periodically like in a regular tesselated shape e.g hexagonal tiling.


Surprise focking surprise, it literally repeated itself! Wow! Amazing! It's almost as if the mentally deficient genius who wrote the article did it on purpose to get clicks from the types of people who **** into their own mouths for fun. Disgusting journalistic tactics that should be grounds for a life sentence in the hardest gaol.
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