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How do you feel about Vraelomon?

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Not symmetrical, top is not cropped enough. Complete trash. If you're going to do a photo like that, at least make every quarter exactly the same size either at the time of shooting or in post. Also, the horizon is wonky. This is the ****ing worst gash I have ever seen.
Kentucky James said:
Adorno said:

My fifth favorite hybrid aesthetic is a world where the soviet union outlasts America, stalinism is reformed into irrelevance, and the entire world basks in unchanging bureaucratic brutalism for a million years. Basically 1984 and brazil where the obscene liberal traitors are the villains, and the grey bureaucracts are the heroes. Basically kurczak's secret fantasies. Basically Leningrad Cowboys expanded universe. Basically crodio's darkest wet dream.

Apart from the SU outlasting America, you're just describing the actual 80s.

??Geogadonsong ???paechakku dong, ?saepaegkchu da?? pongpangmida, ?saegerru sakchampu, ammadongpae? Kangaroo ??

She's basically singing there. Koreans probably have the flattest intonations in East Asia seeing as their language is almost atonal. A Taiwanese news broadcaster got into trouble duirng their election for imitating her.
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