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How do you feel about Vraelomon?

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Cpt. Nemo said:
Age of Empires II: The Densetsu said:
[Terrifying Presence] How about you just
forget about the hams? <Attack>

This was always one of my favourites.

Looter said:
Steamed Hams is such a silly meme but the parodies are spot-on :lol:

Obi wan died before episodes 6 and beyond had a chance to ruin or overplay his character, and he was actually kind of cool in the prequels, or at least represented a few archetypes you don't usually see together (both mentor and student, so a mixture of the skilled sage archetype and the cheeky hotheaded banterlord archetype).

He is the only character to survive the entire star wars franchise with his dignity intact.
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