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How do you feel about Vraelomon?

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...and Vrael taketh away.
On the last episode of M*E*D*I*A...
Jackson... said:
La Vie Parisienne

jacobhinds said:
Mamlaz said:
A balad of a man who killed pigs with propane in rural Balkans;

Splintert said:
Wellenbrecher said:
Arvenski said:
Wellenbrecher said:
Yeah... and YOU are the problem. I hope that was your intention :lol:
Especially the second one makes it clear how you consciously and willingly set yourself down in front of two friendlies chasing and shooting the hostile.
I didn't deliberately try to create situations that would look funny in the video, if that's what you're saying. However, that doesn't mean I don't fly around with 0 ****s given when I'm sealclubbing with Isaks for lols. :razz:
I'm saying that calling it "Arcade in a nutshell" and then doing the very thing that makes Arcade (and the other two modes, to be honest) so obnoxious is kinda... weird.
Like properly ****ing up and when people notice your reaction is "oh it's a prank", you know? :razz:

People are no better at flying in realistic ground battles. I swear German pilots have a 3:1 crash to gun run ratio.
See, the best way to cement your rule is to take it away before someone else can. I was going to lock the other one on exactly 1000 but you guys posted too fast. Oh well. We're here now. And for something fresh to start us off, here's a lava flow in Hawaii


Sergeant Knight at Arms
I have been listening to nothing but neo-totalitarian music for the past few days.

Damn 4chan.


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