Random Encounters (Everywhere)

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So, first off...LOVE THIS GAME. So i was thinking that having random encounters in places like walking in the street, your throne room, someone else's throne room, tavern.. Etc. Maybe enforcers after you, bounty hunters, fueds. Anything. Maybe they steal your money, kidnap you or your companion, or even just "sending a message" You are already able to carry your weapon around, so it will be nice to have to pull it out, randomly. It's s nice open world, and great space to populate it with random events.


Sounds great, but to a degree of realism! If you are known as a fearsome combatant and leader and is fierce, few should be foolish enough to kidnap your companions, or bounty hunters will not agree to pursue you and no thug will steal your money. Although, random-events sound great! Perhaps even a noble princess/prince running away from their kingdom and finding your party to offer themselves to wed and join you because they have heard of you and your accomplishments.


I haven't been mugged in towns or villages nor have I seen bandit infested villages, all things from Warband.
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