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Random earrape static noise happening on servers

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This happens once every 2 matches.

Evidence that Taleworlds doesnt playtest their versions before sending them to live. There is no way this doesnt get picked up with any kind of QA at all unless they are throwing changes in at the last possible moment.

Edit: Issue is Fixed and will be hotfixed to live
It's headache-inducing and no way in hell I am playing this. How this has not been released yet the developers say it is fixed but it still there. If it is fixed why are you letting us suffer dude. Like at this point the game is the very definition of self-harm.
I was afraid to start the game after hearing about this problem, but I decided to try it anyway (it couldn't be that bad, right?)
Couldn't play 10 mins after I hear this lovely noise.
Yea game is now literally unplayable.
Y'all can't stand the voice of god talking to you through bannerlord?

Repent now

Is this like one of those eggs in harry potter you have to open under the water to reveal a hidden message?

This video shows me launching bannerlord and closing bannerlord quickly after

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There have been moments where some aspect of Bannerlord has left me feeling slightly frustrated, but never would I have thought that at some point I would be actually afraid to play this game.....

We have reached that moment.
Experienced it twice in four games. Played skirmish twice and tdm twice - got it once in each game mode. Seems like the hotfix should be expedited or someone's hearing is seriously getting damaged. Rip unsuspecting headphone users with their sound turned up listening for footsteps and horses.
Same thing happened to me on TDM today, except it lasted for about 15 seconds. I took me 7 to come to and take off my headset I was so shaken up.

Edit: Issue is Fixed and will be hotfixed to live
WHy does it take so long?>,.

I had a great BL experience yesterday
I launched a game at morning and played with this earrape for some time
Then I got disconnected several times
Then my ping started jumping
Then I relaunched the game and I got a blue death screen
Then I restarted my pc and BL deinstalled itself
Come on guys, its just the sound of a newborn voicechat
Wouldn't surprise me if this is the result of some shipped code from the voicechat feature that's causing it.

Also TW you convinced me to start up the game now in order to witness the future of videogames. I will boot up into TDM and pray to the game to speak to us.
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