In Progress Ram still works after seemingly being destroyed

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Summary: Playing siege mode this evening with about 100 people (50v50) and was able (along with two other players) to use a ram that appeared to be destroyed. Animation for swinging the ram was engaged and the gate was eventually destroyed, but the ram's health bar showed 0 and the characters were not physically holding on anything, as it had the appearance of being broken down. I don't know if it was a visual bug where the ram appeared to be broken or whether it was a bug where the ram was usable after being broken.
How to Reproduce: A player couldn't reproduce this on their own, you'd just have to see it happen.
Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Skala Landings
Media (Screenshots & Video): None
Version: Latest stable version (1.4.2)
Computer Specs: I was using GeForce Now

Edit: This was on NA dedicated server.
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