Rainbow Six: Siege

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So there was a new Rainbow Six game announced.

I was tentative about it, seeing how far off the beaten path Ghost Recon ended up, but I was surprised with the in-game footage.

It seems to have got a little more closer to the game's roots. I like how it looks more like a tactical shooter again.
What is it with Ubisoft and making their staged gameplay footage look like they staged a staged gameplay session. "Wrathchild" played medic in Starcraft, didn't she?
The internet taught me that the game is sexist garbage because the hostage can be female.
The Sarkeesian woman said so and then it has to be true. It is known now.
I've never played a Rainbow Six game, but this looks really good. I think I'll play it. I've been waiting for a good non-CoD non-Battlefield tactical shooter that's still mainstream enough that my friends would play it.
I had to mute the trailer, I couldn't take the cheesy voice overs. Game itself looks like it could be a bit of fun. Reminds me of Rainbow Six Lockdown, which means they're only one game away from getting back to proper R6 gameplay.

But I gave up hope a long time ago on ever seeing a proper sequel to rogue spear.

Take a pick:
The gunplay in the trailer looks like ****.
The faked voice-over is cheesy as all hell.
The graphics look like a pre-rendered cutscene from ten, fifteen years ago and will probably look even worse in the final product.
The movement of the characters is so obviously meant to be made by controllers that it's just painful to watch.
Gunplay was pretty arcadey and crap looking indeed, l2 burst fire man... was there even really any recoil? ****ing god dammit Ubisoft, we know you have some talented people, now if only your games would have good gameplay instead of this boring, easy arcadey ****. Its why I'll never bother with Far Cry 3, but at least FC3 isn't trying to be a tactical shooter.

The fake squad chat dialogue stuff is pretty bad, but its still kind of neat and hey, whatever else they would have done would probably have been generic anyway.
Finally one game that gets that dry plaster walls are not bullet proof? Is this ubisoft though, because I just watched the division trailer for E3 and it has bulletproof bus stops. Which is a massive turn off.
Bluehawk said:
The Six-Man is John Clark. The book and game are named after the guy that does nothing but give you briefings.  :lol:
John Kelly doesn't do much in the book because he's old. He's gotta be in his 50s. Then again, he does take some action in the book, so he doesn't just give briefings. :razz:
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