Raging Lumberjack - Warband film

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Excuse me, I'm off to go replace all the native battle music with music from that film  :lol:
Shouts too, why not.


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Raging Lumberjack has to be my number 2 superhero in Warband!

My number 1 still remains Shieldman on Camelot_DM. A tank warhorse rider with 4 shields bumping everyone.

Hopefully CCC can make another hero that will take the number 1 spot :smile:


My heart filled with joy when I saw him jump when he managed to cut down the tree... he was so happy...

Muzzle C

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Golradir said:
Oh, you went from CC to CCC? cool  :party:

Yeh, used my ultimate logic intelligence and added another C to my tag  :party: all thanks to Galahad

I need to thank you all for the positive feedback, makes making the **** worth it :grin:
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