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BL Coding Ragdoll Physics post 1.5.7

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Maybe this is a little late but did something change with the application of ActivateRagdoll()??? It exists off of both Agent.AgentVisuals.GetEntity().ActivateRagdoll();
and Agent.AgentVisuals.GetEntity().ActivateRagdoll();

Seems prior to 1.5.7 I could just instantiate my agent object as lets just say: Agent agent = new Agent();
then call agent.AgentVisuals.GetEntity().ActivateRagdoll(); and said agent would slump to the ground much to the same effect as what happens in the Model or Skeleton viewer when you don't have a animation specified.

Post 1.5.7 when I try use .ActivateRagdoll the target Agent seems like it has a velocity or magnitude modifier added to it? The target agent takes off like a rocket??
I have been looking for something as best as I can but have come up empty. Is there a extra parameter controlling ragdoll that was working in the past but now requires a override to prevent this super hit effect??

Any help would be hot.. Thanks.
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