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Please leave all feedback relating to the Khuzait Rabble in this thread.


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is the sling supposed to be just a thrown? It could be a bit more accurate aswell, it doesnt do more than 10 dmg anyways.

To make it viable it needs to spawn in by default with the shield and the shield perk should give them a big shield like the one the spear infantry got.

Otherwise this unit is good to feed gold to the enemy.
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Feels pretty worthless as far as basic units go, weapon pool is underwhelming and why anyone would pick a "sling" over shield is beyond me.


The sling and sickle are, surprise surprise, useless. I personally go for improved armor and shield 90% of the time, but I can see how the sword is useful for newer players as the mace is not exactly newbie-friendly who cannot properly judge distance. I'd also give this class a default, short spear and get rid of that spear perk and replace it with something more useful, perhaps a better one-handed weapon that doesn't require me to trade my body armor for it.


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Is there actually plans to introduce slings into the game or is this just a name for the stone perk?


The replacement of the short spear with pike is a +1 from me. Even though brace mode needs to be better, playing with pikes is fun, especially when you have access to them for free.


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I get that the default shield is mostly for Captain/Skirmish/Battle, though I feel like on TDM specifically, Looter might be a tad OP in that mode. On Peasant Levy, it isn't too egregious since he costs 90 in TDM and 80 in other modes but on the Rabble with his current balancing, I wonder if Looter in TDM should be replaced with something like Melee Expert.


Rocks are back in the bisnes, great! Rocks rocks!
Can't wait for a capitan fix to see how they do there. On sieges/deatchmaches rocks are fun thing to disrupt or deal some random damage. The greatest thing is that they are addon to oder perk, so its realy not just a troll move to pick it
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