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QuickDagger´s Mod´s Mod - DOWNLOAD included

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With the form ranks kit you don´t command "archers" or "infantry" or "cavalry" anymore. Now you command battle arrays.

Each array is made of whatever troop you want to add to it. So, if you want an array of only archers then, you must assign them to that specific array.

See how you can design your arrays below.

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Ou yesss I knew about this but I prefered not to used, but now you give me one idea, I could give Firentis the archers and skirmisher units and to other commander, I think Rolf the Odryssian lol I will give him the cavalry, so I only will command the infantry, the main unit in my armies :razz:

Thanks for this QuickDagger you rock!!! :wink:
the idea from my lastest post is useless cause when I order my troops to get into the phalanx ALL MY ARMY gets in there in 3 blocks..main, vaward and reward...****!

I want only my hoplites in a phalanx, then the archers and skirmishers separately and my cavalry covering my flanks and chasing the cav units of my enemy...

just to get real what can I do?  :sad:


Give hoplites to varward, archers to Xward, cavaliers to Yward and so on. Of course you will need some companions. Then press 2 to give orders to varward, 3 to Xward and 4 to Yward.
i have a small proplem. there is only three lords in the whole of the spartan kingdom. the ones that own citys are there but thats it and when i ask a lord where these folk are he says "i dont know" help me please i love this mod and this is the only flaw
A) break your oath and do business with the other factions
B) start a new game...
C) sort yourself out in the whole map

I got a quest. how can I do that my character runs faster in the map modifying the txt files??? it´s the worriest thing this game has. speeds under 5 points or more are too boring


Very nice resources. I didn't release an in depth troop tree in the demo because I wanted to keep it as close to vanilla as possible, while I worked on a thorough troop tree and a different map for the final version. I will organize my stuff and check this out. Looks very interesting.

On a side note, there are ways to implement multiple starting troops via the module system. I had that in place already, I just hope I didn't lose the damn thing.


Hello Lynores,

Very nice you´ve come back.

Thank you for you appreciation.

I really did all of it moved by my passion for Greek history. Just a simple tribute.

It would not be possible without your efforts.

I just hope you try it and enjoy.

Keep it up.
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