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just go into modules file and delete the comand cursor line and it works fine that's what i did and i did not cheat i just attacked alot of sea raiders and bandits of that kind as well as having a high training skill and i am ashamed you would even think that i would cheat and for you re Thermopylae quote yes archers were completely useless because they were firing at the front of a formation of hoplites but in the end the archers did finish the battle with volleys on the broken phalanx so maby upping the damage archers do would be appropriate and head shots don't kill if they have a helmet
i read the all the accounts on the battle


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wow. now that was hard to read.

anyway, i'll just wait for the next realease with all the goodies coming with it.


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you need to search for something like command_cursor.brf in
the module file, and delete everything on that line, then it will
work. be careful though, so you dont erase the wrong thing.

just search for "command_cursor" in your quickdagger's mod map
and you should find the right file. then hit ctrl+F and search in the
file itself.


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nono, not in TPW mod, in Quickdaggers mod, thats from where you are running the game i presume since you're having this problem. i really wouldnt know for sure where it is since i already deleted it now, but do this: in the quickdagger's module map, search for "command_cursor" and delete the whole line from the file, "module" or "modules" i think its called.


go to m&b\modules\quickdaggersmodmoblahblah/module.ini (notepad file), and there search for Command_cursor. Once u find it, delete the entire line. That will do it. At least worked for me.
ok the problem is that I don´t got any older version of your mod... so I don´t got

"m&b\modules\quickdaggersmodmoblahblah/module.ini..." in my directory...only got mods...but not YOUR one

and I think your last patch is an update of it. so give me the main link I will install and then copy this last update and overwrite it.
Cause I´m running the game from the main M&B access as always do :S


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Looks like I have some competition... Well not really competition cause you have by far out competed me. But I'm glad to see I'm not the only one willing to work on this!

And Yes I will continue this mod because for some odd reason I've had some sort of want to learn Greek and study Greece. Hopefully that means my map will be better.

However I must make this comment. More blood spills means more blood going everywhere. Which means in the mucus membranes (Eyes, Mouth, Nose, etc) being exposed to foreign blood. Great.... My soldiers are now going to get Eye herpes and Hepatitis because you wanted to add more blood spills. Thanks....
wow I downloaded this mod this afternoon and I found it fascinating :smile: congrats!!
I only have a quest. Look at this:

why my troops don´t get in phalanx formation and only rebels do??? my army is like a vanilla one......  :neutral:


tenerife_boy said:
why my troops don´t get in phalanx formation and only rebels do??? my army is like a vanilla one......  :neutral:

Well your picture isn't coming up but I'll take a blind stab at it. 

Are you hitting 'Backspace' to call up the formations/battle map?  If so that's the wrong one as it only goes to the vanillia version. 

You need to hit 'X' to call up the advanced formations used in the mod's mod.


Thank you guys!

I´ve really spent a lot of time and effort making it. And, I did it for pure pleasure. And it makes me feel happy when you like it also.

Well, about formations you must go to the camp menu and then choose to take an action, them formation control and set your keyboard configuration.

You can also choose lieutenants to control portions of your army and reach an army size even bigger than your character level allows. But, first you must have tactics skill on level 2. Then, you can talk to one of your companions and tell him you want to promote him and bla bla bla. Then you go to camp menu and choose to edit battle arrays. There you can give your lieutenant the troops you wish.
ok I saw with F8 you order your troops to "Stand Closer" but they don´t get in a phalanx.... :S

wtf??? don´t understand please help me once again friends
but above you told me 2 things:
1º) set my keyboard configuration right but what is the action name to order my troops form in a phalanx?????? that´s the main question.

2º) I don´t know wtf is a lieutenants but I understood this as the main warriors that you could hire in taverns cause they offers you their military services, isn´t it? but this is not very important for now..I only want tto get the phalanx :razz:

and second question: what´s up with VERTEX BUFFER error???? any solutions? ctd´s sucks  :lol:
wow that was so big!! :grin:

I get the phalanx formation 2 days ago, but now I got a question.can´t I order only my infantry to get into this formation??? cause if I select this one the cavalry also gets in that!!!!!!!!!!!

And cavalry must charge and hostigates the enemy before the battle starts....is there any way to resolve it?

thanks for this QuickDagger :smile:
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