Quick (yet detailed) How-To play with Brytenwalda with friends

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Hello all! I wanted to post this with as much detail as possible because I had a difficult time finding the answers and figured this out through trial and error. I hadn't tested it YET since my friend got tired of waiting and went to sleep. BUT as soon as we do, I'll post if it was a success or not. I will not give up. Below is what is as of 12/30/14 current to get Brytenwalda ready for multiplayer action via normal (non-dedicated) server play.

- Download and Install M&B:Warband v1.153
- Download WSE 3.2  and unzip straight into M&B:Warband v1.153 folder
- Download (or copy over if you already have it) Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 and place the folder into Modules in M&B:Warband v1.153
-Make sure your Ports 7240 and 7241 are open

Go to - \Modules\Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 and open module.ini
Scroll the the bottom and find this line...

"# set to 1 to hide servers running other mods from the servers list
hide_other_mod_servers = 0"

Change the 0 to 1 and save.
Go back to the main folder
Run WSELoader.exe (as admin)
Make sure it says version Mount&Blade WARBAND Version 1.153
Click current module to Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05
Click Play Mount&Blade
Go to multiplayer and turn off filters
A BUNCH of games should populate the screen. (just to test)
If they did, exit multiplayer and click Start a New Game
Hire a recruits and find attack some bandits
Click "Surrender or die!"
Click "Set up Multiplayer Battle"
Click "Quit game (will not save)."
(you will be sent to the main menu)
Click Multiplayer
Click Host Game
(On the right of the screen it will say Co-op Mode)
Make sure "Add to official game server list" is checked
Change the Server name (optional)
Click Start Map
Click Player Faction
Click whomever on your faction you'd like to play as.
(Your friends can fight against you on the opposite team, they can even play as your character if you wanted to play as someone else)
Set your Command (you could control the infantry units and your friend could control the archers)
After all that mess, click start battle and the blood will spill.
Once you win (or lose) press Esc, and click END BATTLE
Load your game and you'll automatically start the dialog with the bandits (or whomever you fought)
Click use multiplayer results to input the results from the online battle you had.

If I missed anything I am sorry. If I find out that the instructions I gave are wrong, I will fix them. Thank you!
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