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Yes, I used mods.


I just installed the 1.5.4 update. Here are some new or persisting problems I noticed:

  • Leaving a town results in a quick save. This results in a long freeze. I don't like this at all. Also, the save menu takes some time to load. Maybe it's something with the new sorting and if you have a lot of saves.
  • New freezes and stutters on the campaign map. In 1.5.3 I had longer but more rare freezes. Now they are shorter but more often.
  • Items in inventory still show a loading animation. You have to open the inventory up to 5 times to fix this and actually see something. This is the most annoying problem right now and I'm disappointed it's still in the new version.
  • I could be wrong at this point - but the font seems to be different. More blurry. In 1.5.3 it was crisp and clear.
  • Steward skill has no perk icons
  • Can't reassign perks for all companions. It was only possible for my brother.
  • I see changes when thrusting polearms and changing direction while the thrust is animated. Maybe I'm wrong here as well...I will do more tests. It's just something I noticed when I did my first fights in 1.5.4 and something "felt strange"
  • Some locations look "flat" regarding the lighting. Some have extreme bloom. I don't know if I never noticed that or if something has changed.
What I really like is that non of my mods broke. No crash by now. And there is a larger number of fixed bugs and added features. Great!

Although I like the new features I suggest to concentrate on core functionality. Most important for me: Siege AI, clan/heir mechanics for long time campaigns/sandbox mode. And please consider releasing private servers. People will come back to play if we can start modding with actual servers.



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- my children are now available. It got triggered by me taking another town from the enemy. Now I can give them skills as well. I think there is a bug which prevents them from appearing in existing towns or if you only have one

- Last selected smelting option in smithy is not saved. Massively more clicks now to do smelting. You have to click it for each character again. Otherwise it will be the standard/first one, which makes no sense because it's the less efficient char coal option. It was ok in 1.5.3 and got lost in 1.5.4
Thanks for he detailed reports. Really appreciated it. We started to look into these issues. To be able to replicate some of the issues faster, can you share your hardware information. Thanks in advance.
Possible reason for very long waiting times when opening save game menu. Something is loaded into RAM and released later.

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