[Quick Hit][World Map] Limit 3d scroll-out by Scouting

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Concept: You're a party leader. You can see X distance and get details at Y distance, based on Scouting. Obviously. But what if...

Change: When you pan the map off of your character, or when you scroll out to view more of the map, you only get a 2D representation of the territory. (I'm envisioning the "paper map look" of Civilization 6). All the labels and clicking should still work; purely a change to how the world is presented 'far from' your current Party.

Effect: Only your Scouting Sight range is 3D. Your visibility of other parties is unchanged, because the 3D zone is defined by your spot range. This will keep the player focused on their surroundings; the journey rather than the destination.

Background: I like zooming in and following my party. Being able to scroll out breaks my immersion, making me think I'm on google maps instead of in Calradia. You shouldn't be able to zoom in on every detail in the world unless you are physically there. You can still pan and zoom, just on a 2D map.

Implementation: I'd just do a 3D Filter based on camera position x scroll amount x Scouting modifiers.

You can say: that I'm a dreamer.
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