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Whenever I see a YT gameplay of Bannerlord I'm shocked to see those people click each troop to be upgraded or buying 15 wool by clicking fifteen times.
So I make this post in the hopes I alleviate some of your time with some quick keys:

Shift + Click will buy/sell/upgrade 5 units,if theres more the rest is left for you to decide.
Ctrl + Click will buy/sell/upgrade all of the units you selected.
Clicking an item in a town,you can buy/sell and drag your mouse for the desired amount.
You can sell/ransom/donate by clicking the double >> or << arrows at the top of party screen,or in that specific screen.
You can lock items/troops from beign given away while doing the previously mention feature by checking the little circle near an unit.
(This one's bugged unfortunately and will ignore if you locked or not when pressing >> << ,easily seen when locking Lords and Landies and wishing to ransom all troops except a few).
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