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Quick fix needed for diplomatic war option to stop influence plummeting

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I understand that the devs are still working on personal kingdom functions, but for now i think there could be some quick features added to stop the huge loss of influence when starting a war through raiding villages then attacking- yes you can gain the influence back but in the meantime you are unable to call upon armies to help.

Hopefully in the distant future we will see the access to more diplomacy for making alliances, trade deals etc. but for now, please let us declare war or even temporarily reduce the influence lost after raiding to start a war!

I am aware there are cheats to counter this but surely this shouldn't be required to enjoy the war and battle side of the game for the time-being
Will be interesting to see how quickly kingdom functions are added

Hopefully pretty quick. I hate playing the lackey. I'm stuck playing a bandit until this gets fleshed out. Which is tons of fun, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to have a castle someday.
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