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Currently the only quests that increase skills are incidental (fighting bandits gives combat skill, relationship boosts increase charm etc.) and many skills lack enough options to raise them. An easy way to fix this would be to make quests give skill XP. This is particularly easier as most quests already has a relevant skill assigned to them for the sake of having a companion do it.

Besides doing it across the board, I'd argue these ones are must haves, to the point them not giving XP borders on being a bug.
Art of the Trade, Village Needs Draught Animals, Needs Tools: Trade (trade XP comes from buying low and selling high and these quests are merely special seller/buyer)
Land Owner Needs Manual Laborers: Roguery (Roguery XP comes from selling prisoners, except when its done as part of this quest. This one not giving XP is especially odd.)


(Almost?) every quest gives Charm XP when completed :smile:

But I agree, they should give different types of XP. I can think of, beside Charm and suggested Roguery, there could be at least Trade, Engeenering and Stewardship XP rewarded when completing quests as there are quests that clearly is in that field.
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