Questline: Mephistopheles & The Plague


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Hi! Fine mod, and very interesting. But i found wikia article that mentions questline "Mephistopheles & The Plague". How can i start it? Or where?

In other words, it seems like there is one more line of army, which can be named plague army or something else. Very interesting, but how can we start to gather it?



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* The Black Death, or "bubonic plague" is a horrific and deadly disease, said to be a curse from the gods, spread by the fleas that infest Plague Rats.

* The plague has not found its way to Calradia yet, except...
~ Rats have invaded the food stores in one small village, known as Dugan, far to the southeast. The villagers are even showing signs of infection...
~ You can also acquire The Black Death, or begin the game with it, and cure it, becoming a Ghoul. This will enable you to summon Plague rats in exchange for Flesh.
~ There is also a Ghoul in the Dungeon of Chalbek castle whom Troubadour characters, who are also Antiheroes, can win Pegasus, Chrysaor and The Mask of the Rat King from. If you then play Hymn to Mephistopheles with Pegasus, for money at a town, with Chrysaor also in your inventory or equipped, you have a rare random chance of summoning Plague Rats each turn. Wearing the Mask of the Rat King as well, while playing music in a Town with Pegasus and Chrysaor, also has a random chance of turning a fully human character into a Ghoul.

* Once you have Plague Rats in your party you will be able to choose "Infestation" on the main menu of towns and castles. This will allow you to transfer Plague Rats to the garrison of that city.
* Every day, there will be a random check for every garrison/party, to see if there are Plague Rats.
* There will be a random chance each check that any human troop in that Party will be replaced by Infected Men/Women
* There will be the same chance of infection for the player character, if they are not a Ghost, Vampire, Werewolf, Lich, Ghoul, Death Itself.
* A Plaguedoctor's Filter will also prevent infection, if worn diligently in the presence of Plage Rats.

* If you do become infected with The Black Death you will experience reputation losses due to entering town castle, center, tavern or store scenes, if you have plague of progress level 4 or higher (mentions nausea), or if you are a Ghoul, unless you:
~ Wear Plague Wraps, Plaguedoctor's Filter, or Alchemist's Riposte to negate plague fear penalties.
~ Keep Crocuses in your inventory to negate Ghoul smell penalties.

* There will also be a random chance each check that each Infected Man/Woman in each garrison/arty dies of the Plague, and is removed.
* Each time an Infected Man/Woman dies of the Plague, there will be one Plague Rats added to that garrison/party.
* Once there are Plague Rats in a garrison at a town or castle you will be able to choose "Rat Hunt" from the main menu to add them to your party over time. They may build up quicker than you can remove them!
* Ghouls automatically succeed each turn of the Rat Hunt.


* The True Apothecary can be found in the Cellar of The Old Four Ways Inn. He offers to cure any plagues you may suffer from.
* You must have the Alchemist's Thrust to gain entrance to the Cellar.

* There are three plagues which are said to be divine curses:
~ Solar Porphyria (Vampires)
~ Lunar Lycanthropy (Werewolves)
~ The Black Death is listed under Terran Vomicarenatus... which is actually the cure, and simultaneously, one of two ways of becoming a Ghoul (and the technical term for the condition).

* You will be given the Malleus Maleficarum, and told to use its gathering section to retrieve a curative herb from near one of three castles, based on the disease in need of curing. You will need to be within a short distance of each:
~ Solar Porphyria = Rhadogir Garlic from Rhadogir castle.
~ Lunar Lycanthropy = Tehlrog Aconite from Tehlrog Castle.
~ The Black Death = Chalbek Mullein from Chalbek Castle.

* When you are a Vampire or a Werewolf and ask for a cure, the True Apothecary will tell you to retrieve a Slayer's Amulet as well - a Slayer will give you one free if you talk to them on the world map. When you bring the amulet back, the True Apothecary will bind it to you as further penance, causing your character to react very strongly as if Salt (for Vampires) or Silver (for Werewolves) were near, until the cure is obtained.

* He also tells you to carry Wax - there is a random chance of finding Mandrake when you gather herbs, and you will die instantly unless you have Wax in your inventory.
* When you (hopefully) survive any Mandrake encounters, and have the herb, you will need to return to the True Apothecary.
* He will cure you when you speak to him with the herb, reversing previous stat bonuses and negatives from the affliction (including salt or silver allergies), or in the case of The Black Death, just adding bonuses (and the need to carry Crocuses around, and the ability to summon rats...) and taking away the physical deterioration of the plague.