Questions on a Timetable for Expanded Features Post Release

How many of you are waiting to see promised features added to the game?

  • Yea I'm waiting for the Second Harvest!

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  • No I think the game is as done as its gonna get just waiting for more bug fixes :(

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Playing through Bannerlord now and immediately after release it is clear that so much loving and careful work has been put into expanding the games base features and addressing balance issues, not to mention the tireless hours of bug fixing that has gone toward making this game the beautiful and worthy successor to Warband that we all have been waiting so patiently for these past 8 years. Recently though, I have been noticing more and more how empty the single player feels despite the abundance of quests and things you can do. I can't help but think back to the dev blogs promises of deep features available for the player to interact with. Specifically I think of the promised ability to run gangs in the many cities featured on the map and the ability to play more as a bandit lord. I also think of the economy and how the blogs made it seem for more reactive to player manipulation and capable of being planned around to make tons of denars off of trading. In addition to dead spots where it seems features are missing there is also a general sense of emptiness about the world. Warband was so beautiful because of the complex narrative and ever evolving reputations of the notables. Count Grainwad and Heringoth were notable examples from Warband were I new who they were and could always expect to be greeted by them in certain ways. Now it feels as though many of the characters I meet in Bannerlord are just npc cutouts with very little flavor associated with them despite the interesting things you can read about them in the Notes. All in all I'm hoping to hear back about when we can expect to see some of these missing features added to the game and if there is any hope to see expanded lore and interactions with the lords. I miss being able to ride up to my favorite lords and ask what they think about the current state of affairs and what they are doing and planning. I even miss the repetition of riding up to ask for directions to another lord I was looking for even if now you can get the same infuriatingly vague information from Notes without having to ask a lord. I'm eagerly awaiting an expansion of these features worthy of Bannerlords improved engine and hope that we can expect to be able to interact with the lords and ladies in even more brilliant ways. I also hope to see the players reputation having greater influence over how they are greeted and interacted with. I also quietly reserve hope that the Freelancer mod for Warband will find its way into being a Bannerlord feature with expanded opportunities to join and serve existing clans and lords as a soldier or hired hand much in the way you can hire companions. I'm hoping that this thread can get responses either from fellow players hoping to hear news when the features they yearn for will be added or hopefully from the devs who can give us a little insight on if or I hope when we can expect some of the mentioned features to be available in game. I love Bannerlord so far and am far from experiencing everything it has to offer but a little part of me still sees how long we have to go until the game is truly finished.
Can second a lot here. I still believe that these features are the tip of the iceberg on dev's roadmap. Perhaps it will take the least work to implement the most immersive details once the foundation is solid.
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