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People, tell me about such issues.
1) I split the recruitment of troops into village, city and serf
Is it possible to somehow prescribe that the village troops were common for several factions and, accordingly, displayed for each faction in the troop tree?
2) Is it possible to somehow prescribe that within one faction, several lords would have troops different from the troops of the rest of the faction


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Thanks for the tips, I'll figure it out

Edit: Unfortunately, this is not exactly what I meant. Apparently there are problems in the automatic translation.
The essence of my problem is that several Tatar factions are planned in my mod (Big Horde, Kazan Khanate, Crimean Khanate, etc.) and I want the village line of troops to be common for them.
Through party_templates, I added the types of troops to the desired faction, only in the troop tree the specified line is displayed only for the first faction

For instance:
["tatar_tribeman","Tatar Tribeman","Tatar Tribemen",tf_guarantee_boots|tf_guarantee_gloves|tf_guarantee_helmet|tf_guarantee_armor|tf_guarantee_horse|tf_guarantee_ranged|tf_mounted,0,0,fac_kingdom_12,[itm_arrows,itm_arrows_b,itm_club,itm_spear,itm_nomad_bow,itm_east_bow,itm_sword_khergit_1,itm_tatar_kalkan_b,itm_tab_shield_small_round_a,itm_saddle_horse,itm_sumpter_horse,itm_fur_hat,itm_leather_steppe_cap_a,itm_fur_leather_a,itm_fur_leather_a2,itm_padded_halat,itm_fur_leather_b,itm_fur_leather_b2,itm_fur_leather_b3,itm_khergit_leather_boots,itm_khergit_leather_boots2],def_attrib|level(12),wp(100),knows_riding_4|knows_horse_archery_3|knows_power_draw_3,khergit_face_young_1,khergit_face_old_2],
All factions have this warrior when recruiting in villages, but in the tree of troops it is displayed only for faction No. 12
Hence the question, is it possible to somehow prescribe so that it is displayed for all the necessary factions
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It might only appear for one faction since you probably gave that troop the kingdom 12 flag in their troop entry. Look how it is done in Native with villagers (or mercenaries), they should have some kind of 'common faction' or such flag. Don't forget that the whole troop tree probably needs the same flag, not sure about this.
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