BL Coding Questions before starting a Total Overhaul Mod

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Hi all,

I´m the author of one mod for Bannerlord (Warlord mod), and i want to start a total overhaul mod. But i have a few questions before that to know if i´ts possible at this moment.

1.- BL Modding Kit tool is focused on creating/modding scenes. But, it´s possible to mod the map scene or create another one? At the end i want to have a differente map with different settlements and factions. As has been in many mods in Warband. It´s that possible at this moment?
2.- About banners, do you recomend any way or mod to use custom banners that does´n follow the background faction color pattern?
3.- Do you recommend or suggest any mod that spawns a campament or custom base/settlement?

Thanks a lot!
I don't know but if you are looking for mod ideas, do an actual RPG mod without all those stupid battles and boring castle sieges, instead focus on our character, make dungeons, missions, etc. and improve combat AI, that would be great.
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