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Question: TaleWorlds, Will Some New Taverns Ever Be Added ?

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The art team seems to be doing their own things parallel from the coders, so they probably will add more. We get art updates pretty much with each patch, so maybe scenes are already in the work.


That would be great, but there's also the problem that towns and taverns are like wax cabinettes where the people/NPCs just stand around like dolls or repeat the same movement. I feel like more scenery is pretty meaningless as long as the civilians of the game world world don't feel alive.

But yes of course each town should have it's own tavern, and there should be a reason to roam the cities, and interactions with NPC on the street and elsewhere should feel meaningful so there is a point to making contact. And so on. All of the RPG elements are seemingly in a skeleton state.

I'm not expecting something revolutionary, but cities feeling lively has been done before. If you look at games like Oblivion you have the citizens with daily routines and their own interests so if you asked them what they were doing they answer something relevant and so forth. It's was rudimentary and simple and you can argue that much of it wasn't all that relevant for the player, but it still does a lot for immersion. Bannerlord can have something much simpler obviously since it's not that kind of RPG, but at least talking to townsfolk or patrons of the taverns should not feel like talking to robots without aim or purpose.

Is it a priority? I guess not, because even lords and companions currently share the same problem of feeling like simple robots without variance or personality, so those more important characters are obviously a higher priority than making all the other people lifelike.

It seems like Taleworlds want's all of that stuff to be procedural, as can bee seen with the approach to companions. That can be done, just look at the pawns and relationships in a game like Rimworld that are all generated and it works great, but that is a game completely dedicated to being a storytelling engine and that takes some doing. I don't think taleworlds can do that, so I think they should go back old fashioned handcrafting of the personalities and backstories of companions and lords. I mean the Warband companions and lord felt pretty good compared to Bannerlords.

It all contributes to the feeling that Bannerlord is a pretty engine with nice scenery and a good combat system, but the more you play the more empty the world feels. It's a damn shame, because while mods can fix a lot of things it's not easy to fix fundamental AI issues like the general model for NPC behaviour.

As the game currently is I never want to go into taverns or towns because it's just depressing, so I use the menus for everything as much as possible. That shouldn't be the case.
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