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(Yes, I searched the forums and I didn't find anything regarding tweaking ships models. Not that I have found, at least)

Hello there! As an avid tinker, I was messing with OpenBRF and ships. I bumped into some problems when messing with collisions
I'm trying to downscale a snekkja to try and make it kind of "for personal use".
Resizing in Y and Z axis didn't get me into any trouble (that I know of)
X axis is another story..

If I rescale just a little bit (70% of original) I spawn in the bottom of the water. If I rescale to 60% of the original then the game just crashes.

I wanted to know more about collisions. Tried searching the forums and haven't found anything regarding messing with ships' 3D models save for Brujoloco's (lol the name) ship at nexusmods.

I'm not looking for the fish but rather learn how to fish. Any hint is really appreciated.

Good huntin' !
(bump and update)

I managed to narrow the problem to .brf collisions, since you can mess with the mesh and do a miniature boat, yet one's standing with no trouble.

I found out that X-axis resizing is what is giving me trouble, apparently the spawnpoint stays the same even after downsize/resize.
with OpenBRF, if you resize a Snekkja in the X-axis to:
* 90% of original will still let you spawn on the ship, albeit barely at the tip
* 80% (always from the original) you will spawn in the water.
* 50% it will downright crash the game.

Anyone experienced with OpenBRF can tell me how collisions and spawnpoint are related?
Thanks in advance!
Have you tried moving the spawn point in scene editor first? Then resize your boat.
Scene editor is built into the game - just run it in edit mode, enter the scene you want to edir, then press... I think Ctrl+E? Ctrl+S? Something with Ctrl and a letter A-Z, forgot which. There is just 20-something of them to try :smile:
Thanks a lot for your answer. I'm busy IRL (Already late with some uni essays :sad: ) and only had time to shallowly try what you said.
¿So why am I answering then? To tell you I didn't ignore ya lol.

I only tried "checking location" presentation, I guess I need to try something else like an actual battle. Found many spawn points but all of them were too far away. I was expecting something like a spawn entry right next to me, or at least close enough.

Also, thank you for the out-of-the-box reasoning that the issue may be not on the 3D model itself but rather on the presentation. That's exactly what I meant with "I want to learn how to fish myself"; and you basically pointed me to a different pond. Much appreciated!

Edit: One month later and (despite I'm not busy now) I didn't find any entry point near me. All points I found were too far away.
What else can I look for? And thanks again for your previous answer.
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