BL Coding Question regarding gender variation on custom armors

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Im making a custom armor for Bannerlord which has diferent meshes for male and female, I cant figure how to tell the game to differentiate between the two, I looked in native items.xml and found that the code points to only the male mesh, no links to female mesh, and i noticed that taleworlds have named female meshes with a _converted (whatever that means). For example, male mesh name would be Aserai_boots and female would be Aserai_boots_converted. So I named my meshes accordingly hoping that there is some built in code somewhere to detect _converted as female meshes, however this doesnt work.

Also, setting has_gender_variations="true" in the xml, does nothing, i dont actually know what this does, true or false no difference

So if anyone know how I cant make an item ingame to have use different meshes for different gender, please help me

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