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I asked this like a year ago and obviously im assuming things have changed so I was curious if spectator in BL will work as it does in Dota 2, CSGO, LOL or really any game with spectator. In terms of global data in the game for example

Dota 2:

In Dota 2 you can look at essentially any important stat, Net worth, Last hits, Level, GPM, XPM, and a bunch of others.


In csgo you can see everyone's exact weapons and utility bought as well as x-ray on people as well as being able to view the top left map with the ability to see everyone.


In LOL just like dota you can see everyone's Items, relics there flash etc.

My question now comes what will Bannerlord have will it just be as simple as you can fly around and view **** or will it let you have the ability to look at net worth of each player, Will it let spectators see the 2 selected perks each person picked just kinda as you can in League with there summoner spells. Will spectators have access to Color coded X-ray as you can In csgo so on big maps like trading posts you could easily identify where each player is without having to track them down around the map. Will there be new **** that none of these have or will it have nothing is just kinda my question to devs.


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I've heard you'll be able to whisper in the ear of the players and put everything in pink cuz it's kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


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I hope it's done the way it is in warband and more. As in you give the server the option to lock unto only friendly units, freecam, perhaps a more advanced feature where you get an oversight of the map from eagle view and so on. Just make different mods of it and let the community decide what the best one is according to feedback.

I'd presume some cameras are better for specific gamemodes.

But knowing TW, it will probably be something weird.


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One thing I think we can all agree on is that the spectator mode is going to be another deception! :party::party:


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Most of the information is already available to the players on the normal HUD, the streamer just has to see both teams. Would ofcourse also be nice to see picked perks (preferebly with a key binding so we can show it at the start of the round, then hide it after 10 or so seconds so it doesnt get in the way.)

I have a pretty large wishlist of what I'd like to see the streamer mode have, having each flag have a spesific camera you can fly off to, also a camera in each spawn, a better hud especially for the top middle where time and score is positioned, for example having a transparant box behind it would make it look alot better and our overlays could be easily intigrated.

Names and health should be displayed at all times, the ALT button could add an outline of all players nearby, a minimap would be fantastic.

First priority should be fixing the camera though, the camera doesnt work very well. Cant move through openings that have a roof, and while you can boost your speed of the camera, you cant slow it down, which would give us the chance to make some really nice panning shots. Also a more smooth camera movement might be nice.

Would take a while to write my reccommendations for the streamer mod
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