Question on Heavy Armor penalties

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This is my first time playing Brytenwalda and I’m having a blast. (I’ve played a lot of PoP before)
I had a question on the Medium and Heavy Armor penalties you get.

I found a helmet with a Heavy Armor penalty, and a shirt that I think was Medium Armor penalty.

Is there any way to get rid of these penalties? Do they go away depending on your strength or will they always be there and you just need to have a high enough level that the penalty does not matter that much?

Does the penalties also affect your companions?

its been a while since I played Brytenwalda, but from what I remember the armour penalties decrease in correlation with your characther's strength gain. not sure about companions, sorry. but if you prefer a more arcade-style vanilla combat you can turn teh penalties off, iirc.
They reduce your "Power X" skills (Throw, Draw and Strike ofc) along with Athletics.
I don't think they can be decreased with strength gain as I have A LOT of str but it didn't reduce any penalties, from what I see.
They can be disabled in the Camp mod options menu
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