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@Duh_TaleWorlds sorry to bother you. I can't remember reading anything recently about those 2 systems. What are the plans towards them and how are they supposed to look like post release (on release date patch, day 1)?

From what I recollected by playing 2 campaigns is that without mods both fief distribution, war declaration, balance of power, and diplomatic options are all broken bonkers. They literally are crap in the current state. Game can run like this, sure, but it destroys any room for RPing because you are forced into Meta Gaming so you can accomplish anything without being griefed by the game itself...

Fief distribution votes should include all clans at all times, absolutely no way around it. War and peace declarations + tributes must be completely redone. If you've beaten an kingdom into a cub, basically taken all their lands and have dozens of prisoners, you should never be asked for tributes, that makes absolutely zero sense. I've been playing with diplomacy so I'm not sure if the mod caused this, but I just had a run where I've beaten the Western Empire into submission (zero fiefs for them, most of their lords in prison) yet they were still demanding tributes for peace, vassals would not accept peace proposal and there they remain, 1 in-game year later, as if nothing happened. Same thing with Battania in the same current playthrough. Than I was trolled with a spam of peace offerings from Southern Empire where I basically destroyed all their armies, took some land and was basically winning the war, suddenly I'm shoehorned a pop-up: "You lost the war" - WTF? That doesn't even make sense, it surely lasted a massive amount of time, but they were ultimately sucker punched continuously, and the game says I've lost the war?! Very stupid... - apparently there are no means of kingdoms getting eliminated like they did in Warband, and that feels really wrong. - again, forcing another gimmick mechanic that the game punishes the player severely for: killing everyone...

Anyway, so I'm still into this same campaign, several hours away from completing the very questionable objective of forcing empire to own only a handful of fiefs, being spammed wars left and right by other factions and completely unable to RP forward, because it's starting to wear me off strongly (I've already spent over 20 hours in this campaign) - And as a result I'm left with 2 options: abandon the save and delete it or bend into meta-gaming and use cheap tricks and semi-exploits totally power gaming to actually move forward in a feasible manner. Considering the "reward" for completing the campaign's eliminating the factions and gaining other factions as vassals, I'm feeling that we're forced to basically paint the map to even make that a possibility (completing the main quest) under certain builds (vanilla/modded with certain mods) and there's absolutely zero logical "plot" sense on everything that is going on in-game. It's another example of the harm the notoriously disjointed features bring to the table, it's like I'm playing a compilation of mini-games that work in parallel and have zero intertwining effects other than creating 4th wall breaks/immersion breaks and forcing gamey choices instead of flowing naturally.

Playing again made me question everything about the campaign quest and it's objectives along with any interaction with NPCs in-game (which's non-existant). No agency for NPCs without player input to join the PC, no mention of dragon banner (talked about it in another topic), absolutely zero logic from factions that only have to gain from fighting your enemies, instead they keep spam declaring war on the PC. - Why is that if a vlandian kingdom's wiping the empire, the Khuzaits declare war on Vlandian kingdom instead of taking the opportunity to expand where it's feasible!? Why all factions keep "zerg-defending" the objective faction at hand!? And why are we forced to conquer their lands only to have them join later-on just so they complain that they have no fiefs!? That's so illogical!

So, back to the question at hand: what are the plans for these? Are they to stay as is? Are there any plans to fix it into something more logical? If so, how are these changes going to be?

Ty for your time
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