[Question] accessing CrosshairWidget class

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Hello, I'm working on a simple mod that disables the hitmarker on melee weapons but I got stuck on something. First I tried to disable hitmarker in xml files (just deleting some nodes in Crosshair.xml file, I knew it would affect the optimization very badly, but could not find another method) however, I learned that the xml files were only used when starting the game, it would not work during battles or anything else. Anyway I decided to try another method and started looking to c# api, found a class called CrosshairWidget in TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.GauntletUI.Widgets namespace. And it had the properties I wanted. But I can't access any instance of this class (it isn't a singleton). I don't know where actual instance or any instances are storaged. What should I do to reach it's instances?

If anyone can help with this I would be grateful. Thanks in advance