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Question about Warband

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Hey guys, just DLing Rus XIII now. I do hope that in the long run, this mod, and _all_ the great mods for Vanilla will get ported over to Warband. No matter how disappointed anyone might be about Warband, the facts are that it DOES include at least two major additions to the basic game (MP nad Diplo) and that there are quite a few other debatably positive improvements. In short, it is the more up-to-date version of the stock game. Thus it only makes sense for every mod team to consider the long-term prospect of porting. Maybe not in the next three months or six months, but hopefully eventually.

In the mean time, we have TWO great games to play (well, actually more like 15 or 20! when you consider all the various mods for both games) so why do any whining!?  :mrgreen:
Damon said:
Lack of time and pretty unstable status of current WB version is a problem. We're thinking now (JUST thinking) about making some kinda MP-submod (MP only).

This thread got hijacked! :shock:

Well, with the relative stability of Warband 1.113, does this change the status any? I like playing lots of mods, but this one is fantastic for atmosphere and detail. As I'm a poor MP player, I'd vote for a SP Warband version.

Am I wrong in assuming the MP does not have such things as the full game map, faction lords, and quests? As far as I can tell, MP is purely PvP, with no mechanics for the game map at all. It'd be nice to have the historic troop types available, but not as immersive as a Single Player.
Lucan946 said:
aggietex84 said:
My two biggest beefs with warband are lancing from horseback... and with ALL that time and money we gave them.; the only two new featuers are diplomacy and multiplayer? ... seriously? what about all the little quirks that could've been fixed easily...

My top ten features I expected taleworlds to add when I payed for warband are:
1. realistic tournaments with competitions rather than beating eachother senseless (never would've happened like that in olden times). Almost seems necessary in a pvp mod no?
2. a button to move troops in garrison
3. a better job brushing over items and pricing
4. more buildings
5. all new heroes with stats and unique quirks
6. more bandits (although the new bandit locations were nice)
7. bigger towns
8. siege engines
9. oil in siege defenses
10. communication... so hard to find information

Obviously, I still play the game, I give them props for doing so much with such a small company/staff. I just thought that if the community could do sooooooooo much with mods; taleworlds would've been able to do more.

Uhm, lol, what? There are way more than two new features.

Plus it's an expansion, not an entirely new game.
You're right Seether but about heroes he got a point. As now Native heroes  clash each others just in relations and not in abilities.
I'd like to meet guys with a almost precise style of combat when experienced. About those with low proficencies i don't care. Bad warrior = no style, that's it.
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