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If you'd have 100 hero adventurers/100 order knights, would that pretty much tear down any opposition?

Lord Rugdump

Step 1: Garrison noldor troops as long as you can without winning. Once you have gotten enough qualis gems withdraw your 200 man noldor army.

Step 2: bore yourself to death as everything dies to an arrow before you can reach it.

Step 3: Find someone who collected 100 hero adventurers and 100 order nights and beat them


Knight at Arms
The only problem with that is maybe seiges. The Heros will try to joust the enemys. But if your 100 order troops are Immortals or the ebony guys (I never use those racist guys) should be no stopping you. Personally I would field more for spawn armys or take my vassels to be slaughtered. They respawn any way.
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