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Question about modding companions?

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I have searched alot but couldn't find the answer so I need some advice.

I am creating new companions and I am overwriting the old companions so that the new companion likes and dislikes of others are in the correct place straight away. The trouble is that whilst the companion likes and dislikes are nicely in place the adventuring ones are not. For example the companion in Jeremus' place was created beforehand to like the one going over firentis' and to dislike the ones going over artimmener and matheld to keep it easy. The trouble is that my character going over Jeremus wouldn't give a flying crap about robbing villages or too much fighting or anything like that so I would like that aspect changed.

Is there a way to edit the adventuring likes and dislikes of companions?

Also I wish to make 4 more companions ahead of the normal 16, is there any way I can assign them companions to like and dislike?
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