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first of all, I am not playing singleplayer, since I want to wait until its fully riped out. Therefore I don't know much about its current state. I want to know, how does Bannerlord compare to its predecessors in terms of the amount and quality of features? Warband was great, but you got to admit it was pretty empty overall. Does Bannerlord have more to offer? Does it feel like you are really taking part in the world of Calradia or does it at least keep you busy with the bare amount of features?
Definitely similarly empty. It's superior to warband in some cases, inferior in others. Overall it's just as empty. I don't think you'll get quality from the base game. Mods should do a big part in creating that taking part in the world feeling you're talking about, just like they did in warband.


It's arguably emptier as all kinds of interactions present in Warband are not there in Bannerlord. "Soulless" is how it's described.
I would wait for big mods after TW finishes tinkering and modders can have a go. Only then you'll get a good SP game and hopefully outgrow anime by that time.
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