Question about activation of Mount & Blade (2008)

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Hello, guys. I hope that you're all doing well and being healthy. Happy holidays! I played the original M&B on and off for years, but never really got around to buying the game digitally. Now, as I finally decided to do it, I ran into something I can't really explain. The transaction was successful, I got the code for Steam activation and seemingly, the process was completed flawlessly. The game runs fine and I already have a couple of hours on it. Never before have I played this game through Steam, though, and I noticed that whenever I start the application a pop-up appears on the screen with a 2nd code for activation (not the longer, manual one, but the one you would use on the "Tale Worlds" direct download version to exit Trial mode). As I started the game in Steam for the very first time, I expected the "Trial version" screen to appear, but it didn't. Then I reached level 7 with my character and that screen still didn't appear, but the Steam notification is insisting that the game will at some point require the key. I managed to find one Steam discussion about this, where people basically recommend for the affected to disable the message, but is this the right course of action? Should I understand that since the game is legally purchased, no "Trial version" screen will appear for me? Sorry if this has already been posted here somewhere as a question, but I don't have the time to check all the threads, which there are countless of. Thanks in advance.
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