Quest for building Zendar

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vota dc

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Building castles in settlements was cut out because was too complicated having each village with a potential castle that could be razed as well.
What about giving some city building element with a unique quest? A quest to build Zendar choosing which troops should have and which kind of castle.

It would greatly increase sales in USA since they have the pioneer city founding fetish, also It would help player to become King without antagonize too much other Kingdoms.


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It's a matter of subjective judgement... but I have to say that in my eyes Zendar should be part of Bannerlord's Calaradian universe through city-state status. Several users have commented that possibility... an independent Zendar, not conquerable, with special quests, with extended possibilities (mercantile, business, etc...), with a troop tree without regular army but rather as specialized and recruitable militias in the form of mercenaries, one/two minor faction... I don't know... I think that this is a great opportunity that has been missed...

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