Queendom in trouble and religion woes.

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I've been spending some hours on this mod now, and alhough challenging it's also fun. However I do have an issue with religion events mostly, especially the one that pops up and no matter what you choose you piss off several factions as well as those called "christians" and "pagans", who I have no idea actually means in this mod.

I've conquered a castle with village in Ireland, and started my own faction. I have already prepared my way by getting good gear, levelling and buying a lot of breweries. I got about 200-300 men, some quite experienced, wich is an ok start I think. Right away i am at war with 3 irish faction, naturally the one i took the castle from and what I suppose are their allies. Sure. However, a litte time later the "pagan preacher" event comes up. I had converted to christianity before after pissing off the christians some, so I have tried to go for the christian one mostly, but I thought I should balance it out by allowing him to preach so not to piss off my old mercenary liege Mierce too much - bad idea? I lose relations with several christian factions.

Now in short order I have Gewissae (who are supposed to be extinct) trying to raid my village, and I notice I am now at war with tons of factions. There was no event of me being declared war on (I get event for other factions declaring on eachother), I just now suddenly have lots of enemies and I don't know how to fix it. Before I could just contact their king and pay restitution, but now that means going all over england which will get my village raided for sure, if I can even talk with them without getting attacked by a King with 800+ men.

Any way I can fix this? Any way I can turn off those annoying religion quests that seem to have no neutral choice? I can't believe nations would declare war at me just for letting someone preach. I do understand some are mad because I raided some monastaries (Im sorry, viking blood!), but I have already repaired faction  relations for that. Is my campaign doomed? This is just so frustrating.
There are several random events that affect relations for christians and pagans, I've long ago given up trying to balance and now I just pick one side and go with that, the other side is my enemy from the start. Religion is one thing that makes enemies but also if you have just declared yourself a king and have no right to rule (character report tells you how much you have) then many factions will be hostile to you. That is the norm, starting kingdoms are in trouble of getting overrun by numerous enemies. What you can do is to prepare before starting your kingdom and once you take your first settlement try to make peace with as many factions as you can.

Defeated factions sometimes have surviving lords roaming the land burning villages, defeat them and throw in prison.
Hey, if a faction hasn't declared war on you but is red, and attacking, go to Reports --> faction relations, then go to that one faction that didn't declare war but is hostile and check if your relation is ~-40 and it says hostile or war or smth, or if it's like ~-5 and it says Suspicious (don't look at the table, look at the column at the very left where you just see the name of the fac, number of lords etc, there you will see the correct relation, on the table it always says War even if you have -1 with them)
Anyway if you have Suspicious relation, you should go find their king (Cyning/Ri/Ruire/Ard Ruire etc etc), I recommend stalking him while he's at a settlement, because then he most likely won't stalk you! (What this means, you can approach him while he's in the field but he will attack you and you won't have any options) and then ask him for peace with his faction, he'll tell you that you must pay 500 schillingas or smth like that and that's it :smile:
Thanks for replies. Seems like I messed up religion stuff in my game, unfortunately the mod is not very forgiving of these mistakes, so I have to deal with every village and town in the game hating me except for pagan ones (and no, doing stuff FOR christianity does not increase village/town relations. )

However now it happened again, and this time there was no such event. Gwent is suddenly at war with me and the bastards plundered my village for no reason.

I have managed to make peace with most of the kingdoms by using the teleport cheat (I hate doing it, but the map is just too huge), but still at war with 3 irish ones and Gwent.

Aspirine that didn't work for me, only before I had a kingdom. I asked the king of Gwent for peace, and he sees no reason to.

BTW my right to rule is now 104, which I thought was way sufficient, but guess not.

Now I'm trying to attack the irish Mumain, I have sieged and taken a castle. It seems the easiest way to do so is to prepare ladders and then try to bully a small garrison. I also tried sieging his capitol after smacking most of the field armies, but he probably have too many men (about 350+ small lords), while I have about 450 men. The problem when I try to build crenelations is that they constantly attack and burn them, making me have to start over (120 hours is just too long time).

What is the fastest and less painful way to take a city? Do you need a marshall and 1000-2000 men or is it possible to take one just like it was in vanilla? The army sizes are just sooo huge in this mod.
My formula for taking a town defended by 500 men is to take 500 heavies + at least 500 fodder, make sure heavy men are coming before the fodder, have 10 in engineering for the party, preferably have a horn or two. When attacking remember to heal your troops as often as possible. Shouldn't take too many casualties if you have good medical skills.
Taking towns seemed extremely hard to me, but now it is rather easy, you should just take some minor castles; up to 150 men for example, just something you can handle, remember that if there's a castle with 200 pawns and a castle with 150 pawns, but 75 of those pawns are elites then you should go for the 1st one :smile:
Then get up to 5 vassals, the ones with more renown are better because they can handle more and better troops, but since you won't have them at first just give a fief to your companion and voila, although he won't have much troops, not much at all.  Then get those vassals "geared up" (each of them should hold at least 1 castle&1 village) and then each of them should have ~100 people, some even 200 (I had one with just a castle and a village and he had 250, but it was a guy with 1090 renown so yeah :razz: )

Then start a campaign, make sure there are no enemy lords around and then go for the town, try to make your troops (and by your I mean the ones in YOUR party, not the party of your vassals) die less, because vassals regenerate easily and you can't, unless you have methods.
And then you should succeed :smile:
Getting 1000 men is impossible for me now - I have one one vassal so far, who I recruited from the Gewissae. He has about 100 troops. I can field about 450 myself, but that's it.

Sieging a lot of castles is not going to help my economy much, I'm going to need cities.

Getting 10 engineering will take forever, thats the late game I don't want to level up to level 50 before I even start conquering.

500 heavies costs a lot more than I can afford, if you mean the ridwiga engles etc. , it will also take ages just to train them. Unless I just cheat it up I can't see how I can do that yet.

What if I siege them and lure them out, is it possible to kill them in the field then and then siege whatever manage to escape?

My formula is usually up at that standard around day 200, not that hard to achieve if you get into it from the start. For party skills use a companion, pick one or two who raise only intelligence and you get medicals and engineer high well before level 20.

What I would do in your place is to keep fighting lords on the field for awhile, with the force and economy you seem to have it's not easy to take towns. One thing you can do to help is to use spies to poison the wells during siege, should help quite a bit.

Only lords come out sometimes, you need to break the siege to pursue them. Garrison can't be lured out.
Sorry for being a bit unrelated but if we've started this discussion:
What's your way to get heavy/elite troops? I mean, what would be the fastest and the most effective way to get them?
I tried sieging again, this time even getting the circumvallation up. While so, there were a lot of attacks, and my attempts at espionage and sabotage failed. The worst part came with winter though - I went from 450 men to about 150 in a matter of days - wow. I know winter etc can take its toll of numbers, but in such short time? Basically it was like my army was attacked by napoleons march is something.

Then I noticed suddenly there came patrols out of town attacking me - how can they make new patrols (numbering 150-175 men) while I siege them? I still managed to win but it depleted my men more of course. Then the lords did the same, and I defeated them too. In the end the food for the defenders ran out and they sallied, about 350 men (completely unaffected by hunger, disease or cold it seems), and my army was defeated by taking only 50ish casualties despite the fact I had at least 100 men left (they took about 60 casualties in the same attack. So basically gg and I'm captured.

The fastest way to get heavy troops IMO is to attack young warriors etc and rescue danes, who are cheap and heavy.
The fastest way like getting them in couple of first days of the game is merceneries. After that I hunt down bandits with prisoners.
Thought about hunting bandits too, thanks guys :smile:
Just for the record, saw a party of 550 young warriors with 450 prisoners... they had like 40 denas with them iirc, unfortunately I was left with 100 men before I encountered those guys so couldn't do anything to them :sad:
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