qstr_{!} labels in quick_strings.txt cannot be translated


Sergeant Knight
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Hello Brytenwalda Team !

I've achieved the full translation in French of Viking Conquest 2.050, but that's not the reason of this post.

During playing with it, one of the users of the VF send me a snapshot of the screen Your kingdom:

As you can see, there are non translated texts into the screen : Political issue, on agenda, Defending, controversy... I searched through the English .csv files but these texts do not exist, so it is normal that they are not translated.  I may add that it is exactly the same on the screen with the German language that you just put in line with VC 2.050:

The question is: from where come the texts that are displayed on the screen and that we are not able to translate? Well, I finally found them into the file quick_strings.txt:

qstr_{!}Political_issue:_ {!}Political_issue:_{s11}
qstr_{!}{s10}__on_agenda_ {!}{s10}_(on_agenda_{reg4}_hours)
qstr_{!}Defending {!}Defending
qstr_{!}{s12}__controvers {!}{s12}_(controversy:_{reg21})

The issue is that no one of these texts are present into the quick_strings.csv English file generated by the Warband procedure View -> Create Language Template -> Default. And I discovered that there are 432 labels beginning by qstr_{!} into quick_strings.txt, and none of them is written into quick_strings.csv. Which means that 432 lines of text cannot be translated into foreign languages!

So OK, I agree that most of them begin by {!}DEBUG, {!}ERROR, {!}INFO or {!}TEST, which indicate that these lines are dedicated to debug and are not supposed to be seen during normal gaming. But what I discovered today with this example, is that there are qstr_{!} texts that are displayed during normal gaming, so all these texts should not have a label with {!} inside because, being not transfered into the .csv file, we cannot translate them!

Cannot translate? Not really in fact. I decided to add by hand the four following lines into the French quick_strings.csv:
qstr_{!}Political_issue:_|{!}Problème politique : {s11}
qstr_{!}{s12}__controvers|{!}{s12} (controverse : {reg21})
qstr_{!}Defending|{!}En défense
qstr_{!}{s10}__on_agenda_|{!}{s10} (à faire depuis {reg4} heures)

And the result is:

It works! So we can translate the remaining English, but there are several issues:
- How many of the 432 missing texts do we have to translate? Which ones are into the standard game instead being reserved to debug mode?
- Each time a new release of VC shall be out, we will have to redo all the work by hand because these texts shall not be present into the new generated English .csv file.

The cleanest way to eliminate this issue is that you search into your code whose labels are displayed into the standard game and to remove the {!} into the labels, so that all the translators may find the corresponding texts into the quick_strings.csv file. By doing this, you shall permit us to realize a real 100% foreign translation, which obviously is not possible today with the usual way (just translate the files generated by the Warband procedure).

Talking about a 100% foreign translation, permit me to remind you the issue linked to the duplicated labels into game_menus.txt that I exposed into the following subject ; this one too needs to be adressed:

Thanks for reading, hoping to read what you think of this translation issue.
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Hi Daneel53,

Thank you for your report. You are right, We will find it and add to the csv file to make it easier for all of you to address the translation to any language.

thank you !