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With a growing clan, your power as its leader grows. This could unlock several "delegate-tasks"

As a T0 clan - you are on your own. Your clan has no "Staff"

As a T1 clan - The first few members and companion joins. The clan can have a messenger.

As a T2 clan - With growing influence your clan have a harold.

As a T3 clan - Your clan can promote a courir.

As a T4 clan - Your clan can promote a senechal.

As a T5 clan - messengers/courirs are 40% faster. Clan leader gets an battle-report from clanmember´s and clan-owned fief´s battles.

As a T6 clan - Your senechal can suggest poitical moves with 50% better accuricy

A messenger can deliver a command to another clanmember.
Unlocks QoL buttons on clan interface to:
  • Restart/start of a caravan
  • Can change governor
  • Create a party
  • Summon a clanmember to seek you up
  • ...
The messenger travels on the map alone with speed 5

Has control over your clan. With a harold, you have a new clan-tab with a in-depth report of your clanmembers.
  • That they are doing
  • What they play to next(Traderoutes for example if leading a caravan)
  • Broken down expense/income
  • Party compositionlog
  • Ability to interfare and set rules(Don't trade in Pravand, Focus or Archers etc) - Uses the messenger
Besides being a second messenger, the courir can:
  • Arrange a meeting with other nobles
  • Send demands/offers/request to other lords.
A courir travels on the map alone with speed 7.

The senechal is an upgraded Harold. He no longer only administrates your clan and household but also has an eye for for other clans
He provides a report on other clans and holdings, the better relation you have with clan or fief the more information you get.
He can:
  • Advice you on marriages - possible targets, a hint on how much a marriage could cost me etc
  • Advice you on possible defectors and a hint on how much they could demand for defecting to you
  • Provide an report on less liked settlements for a cost of influence(Uses a messenger)
The messenger costs you 3 denari/day
The harold costs you 3 denari/day
The courir costs you 5 denari/day
The senechal costs you 10 denari/day(and replaces the Harold)
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