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This Q&A section is intended for all modding related questions:
  • Questions in regards to modding TaleWorlds games.
  • Questions on Coding, 3D Art, Scening, 2D Art and other areas.
  • Questions on various possibilities such as "Is it possible to create x feature?".
What this section is not for:
  • Questions about gameplay within mods (how to get faster EXP, how to find a companion,...). Go to the mod subforum/group for that.
  • Asking feedback on your mod ideas. That can be done in the Hub.
  • Requests & offers ("I would like to join a team, here are my services").
How to ask a question?
  • Click on "Ask question"
  • Add the suitable prefixes (min. 2 prefixes):
    • BL, WB, VC, NW, WFaS, MB - Relates to the TaleWorlds games.
    • Coding
    • 2D Art
    • 3D Art
    • Scening
    • Other
  • Enter the "Thread title" where you explain you summarize your question/problem.
  • Describe your problem/question in detail and to the full extent. Presenting the problem in such a manner increases the likelihood of receiving the desired & correct answer.
  • Click on "Ask question".
Colour differences
Questions are within the section marked by different colours:
  • Red dot: No best answer has been provided yet.
  • Green dot: The answer has been provided and marked as "Best answer".
  • The diamond shape: Clicking on the diamond shape leads you directly to the "Best answer" rather than to the question itself.
Marking the best answer
When your question receives an answer that adequately resolves your problem you should mark that reply as
, located at the bottom right of every reply. If a larger conversation around your question occurs with multiple replies always choose the answer that resolves your problem to the largest extent. Choosing the best answer is obligatory if your question is answered adequately.
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