Pushing Each Beta's Crash Fixes to the Respective Stable Branches as Hotfixes

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In a previous suggestion, I highlighted that Beta branches tend to be exceptionally buggy (which says a lot due to the game already being an EA state but I digress). It's most players' big deterrent for serious playthroughs on those branches. However, those betas usually come with loads of crash fixes.

It'd be nice to have just the crash fixes from the current+future Beta branches added as a hotfix onto the Stable branches.

For added context:
  • I've been having obnoxious crash issues toward the end of some battles ever since I started playing, seemingly at random but usually in larger ones. This is something I tolerated as a fact of the early access. However, this sounds like it may have been finally fixed in the patch notes of e1.6.1.
  • Now, in e1.6.0 Stable, I've been getting horrible crashes that downright make it unplayable. Specifically, a seemingly random crash when on the campaign map, and something to do with kingdom decisions in AI factions. Repeatable with or without my mods running. This only makes me feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place, as someone being told that the Beta branch is experimental+potentially unstable, while the Stable branch is missing out on many crash and bug fixes.
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