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Dunno if anyone would read this but i was wondering if Bannerlord would get push to talk?

I know some people would agree with me and some would disagree but the rounds would be easier to play if we could communicate with other players in the game such as captain or siege even skirmish would have its benefits. I honestly think that Bannerlord would benefit from this because a lot of plays don't talk through chat (text) and role-playing is part of the experience . Such as siege we could communicate on how to defend the fort? even the clan communities would benefit through it. i'm not apart of one but getting to joke around with people in the game is interesting such as setting up ambushes ETC and i know there's discord which isn't the same especially if i'm talking to my brother or my friends that are on different games but also want to talk to other plays about battle strategies. i find it difficult trying to communicate while fighting and messaging at the same time i think bannerlord would be more of an interesting game and even maybe get a bigger following because people can talk to each other.

I know of lot of people will complain about people over using their mic so if you added a mute button that would also help with some issues.

This is first post i just wanted to also say to the people at Taleworlds your game is amazing.
Looking forward to hear peoples opinion.
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