Tutorial XML Editing Pure Xml modding PDF and Videos tutorials with templates .

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PDF tutorial is made from old versions, below version e1.4.2, but is still relevant in learning the basics, didn't plan the pdf to be updated.(But who knows.)
Link here:
Pure Xml modding tutorials and templates with PDF

Video tutorial is made from e1.5.1 main branch version, It is still in progress as making a video is a little more time consuming. I will frequently update the video when it became irrelevant.
Link here:
Video Tutorial on youtube.
Planned Contents:
1.Create New Heroes
2.Create New troops
3.Overriding Original Files
4.Create Custom Item Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
5.Create Mercenary Clan
6.Create New Culture
7.Create New Kingdom
8.Create New Settlements
9.Creating New Workshop(Soon)

Also I provided the template I made on video here:
Link here:
Pure Xml modding tutorials and templates (Video)

Modding Kit Tutorial (Video)
Modding Tools Sample Creations(Playlist)
Create New Settlements
Navmesh in Main map (Part 2 of settlements)
Helmet Mixing
Level of details for Items
Creating Item From Scratch
Importing Item to Modding tool
Armor Rigging
Cloth Simulation

If this guide helped you, even if you got here after someone linked this page to you, please consider subscribing, Thank you!
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Creating New settlement tutorial is in progress, will be ready tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Thanks for all your appreciation.

Edit: It's up, link is on number 8.
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@genrev0914 I really appreciate your excellent videos, thanks so much! However, I had trouble finding your thread today when I was looking for it. I forgot you had posted it in the emporium. I recommend sending a PM to one of the mods (Marko, John_M, Ra'Jiska) to have this moved to the Documentation and Tutorials section. It has certainly gained the required amount of exposure, and it is always helpful to find the most useful tutorials together in one place.
Thank you for this great stuff.

I have a question if someone could help me.

Define by xml the color of a garment.

For example, stuff like scarfs are base white, and after grab the team colour.
I can say UseTeamColor="false" for block this, but I would like to impose a colour like black, in the way the scarf result always black indipendently from team color.

Someone know how to?

Thank you :smile:
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