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Hey chaps, I'm interested in buying a Brown Bess musket of any model at the moment in the United Kingdom and I'm wondering if anyone had any experience in the field. The United Kingdom's laws on weapons and firearms are very strict, some of the most strict in the entire world, but is it legal for anyone 18+ to purchase a fireable musket? I need to know if a bayonette to place on it would be legal or not.

I'm also looking around for firearm and old weapon websites to order from. As I said earlier, I'm looking for a Brown Bess musket of any model, preferable the India Pattern, Short Land Pattern or the Long Land Pattern, in that order of preference. I want to keep price ranges down, and I believe antique ones are more expensive that replicas. I also wish the bayonette to come with the musket, but if you can find the bayonette that fits the model then that would be fine as well if it did not come with the musket. If it's cheaper for the weapon to be deactivated than live-firable then I would also prefer that as well, if not, fireable is prefered - never know!

India Pattern

Short Land Pattern

Long Land Pattern

The budget I'm looking around here is between £100-£250(Maybe £300 if I really push it.) I've been rooting through the web for some websites but I want to gather a little bit of information first before I make a purchase.

So anyone with experience in the field of buying muskets at all in the UK? Give me your tips and tricks of the trade and your recommendations.

If anyone is wondering, this weapon would entirely be used for decoration.



Look if you have a reenactment group in your city, they will be the best source of information.


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I'd also suggest contacting your local law enforcement agency for information, since they'd be the ones enforcing it anyways.


Due to pointy sticks and throwable rocks being illegal in our mighty land of the free, you may just want to do a dodgey-deal under the table with some guy some guy knows, instead of going through legitimate ways.


GiANTSQUiD said:
Due to pointy sticks and throwable rocks being illegal in our mighty land of the free, you may just want to do a dodgey-deal under the table with some guy some guy knows, instead of going through legitimate ways.

bad advice is bad


GiANTSQUiD said:
Due to pointy sticks and throwable rocks being illegal in our mighty land of the free, you may just want to do a dodgey-deal under the table with some guy some guy knows, instead of going through legitimate ways.

Nope mate it's perfectly legal to own a deactivated musket, I was talking to an antique dealer in my city(Liverpool) and he said it's perfectly legal to own a fireable musket as well but only illegal to shoot it without a liscence as you would need a black powder liscence as well as a gun liscence to shoot it. Bayonettes are also the same, as long as the weapon remained within my property and wasn't brandished in public it is indeed legal.


its not that bad to get a musket here, (uk) tho it does depend a bit on the police force where you live.
basically its just a shotgun licence. (smooth bore, under 51mm bore width and over 2 feet long.)

you will need a gun cabinet, umm the best way to start is to contact the firearms licensing officer at your local police station, theres a form/fee and then you have a home inspection to prove that you can safely store it.

im a re enactor, so our muskets are purchased with that in mind, so i dont know if there would be any complications in having one for non re enacting purposes, you might need to be a member of a gunclub so you have a place to shoot it.

i do think your 200 pound budget is probably on the low side, there all handmade nowdays, you can try derbyshirearms (wont let me link) they make nice weapons, and it will give you a idea.

oh another thing is youll have to get a blackpowder licence, again its dependent on secure storage, (another cabinet, explosive proof) but the fire arms officer might be able to help with that also, used to be the fire brigade, but im sure the cops issue them now too. depending on where you live youll be allowed a different amount.

while you can get modern propellants to use, blackpowder is the recommended, the guns are proofed for blackpowder only, and modern propellants because they have different combustable properties have been know to blow the gun up, i know someone who lost a eye when his musket exploded, it wouldnt have done if he'd stuck with BP.

A bit of a ramble but i hope it helps.



Cheers mate that was an interesting read. The musket is really only going to be used for decorative purpose, so to save all the hassle with the police and liscences I will probably just get a deactivated one.

You do not need a license to own a blank firer or a cabinet to put it in BUT you do need to be 18 years or over to own one and use it.

There is an India Pattern on that Derbyshire arms which is good. I'm gonna keep looking around sites to try and find the best price.


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if it's for decoration, make your own. just plug the barrel by pouring molten lead in (or similar).  you'll need considerable skills and some tools, but other than that, a few quid for a steel tube, a little more for stock-appropriate wood and brass hoops to hold it together.  Lock would be hardest but you can probably buy a replica pistol and strip the lock off that...


ya have to confirm with that dealer, any deactivated weapon that holds no firearm ability is legal, although it has to be kept in private areas (cant have anyone running around town with a musket now can we xD) If you want to get one that fires, i have a firearms license and the easiest way to get one is to be in a organisation or club that is official/legal,
for those wondering i do competitive shooting xD not just to have randomly a rifle, although i would probably do that anyway


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rejenorst said:

Tempted to make this into something....


Just be sure that when you're running away in your car you don't fire from "car-back" or else you'll have to stop the entire shindig and reload.


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Lol but it's such a typical Wellington-ish statement. I love that man and his "sitting on his ass" tactics.


This is old so ban me but I had to say this...

A ****ING MUSKET?!?!?!?!
Your serious right?
They are the ****tyest weapons known to man and they wont defend you from anything, + you need to go to special places to fire your gun and it will be rare for you to even hit anything, pistols are legal in the UK if the barrel is less than 30cm.

If you badly want a musket I suggest you get a replica or a air soft gun.
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