OSP 2D Art World Map Punkt's HiRes Textures 2.0 - Download Available - [dec 20]

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Here is what I've done so far. I don't think I'll finish this anytime soon, so I'll release it now.

Please backup your Textures folder before installing!

Unpack the release.zip file and copy desert.dds, map_steppe.dds, plain.dds and mountain.dds in your Textures folder and YES to overwrite the previous files.

MB Repository Download
Mirror (Direct link, please use only if the mbrepository link doesn't work!)

For a more complete experience, first install my first texture pack found here then install this one :razz:


Hey guys! I'm back :smile:

Just started working again on my texture pack, no files to be released yet, just some screenshots of what i've done so far, as a preview of what can you expect from this.

I would like to say that I'm very impressed of Zaro's Graphical Enhancement, keep up the good work Zaro!

I will update this thread with new screenshots and download links. Please feel free to add your own suggestions and/or requests :smile:

Enough words, here is, in my vision, how Mount & Blade should look like:


- Finished Mountain Texture -

- Work in Progress Steppe texture -

- Work in Progress Snow Texture

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OH my god these are so awsome thanks punkt for still working on this. It is great and i have included it in all my mods exept my first one.

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this was my favorite mod punkt iam was using your textures before the graphical enhancement 2.5 release maybe i can use this again after you release 2.0 eh punkt? :smile:


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I'm glad I neglected the world map, mind if I use the world map texture for the next version (with credit of course)? Quite awesome :smile:.


I think I'll only finish the campaign map textures this time. I don't know yet, I don't have as much free time as I had before, and besides, Zaro did a great job and his textures are great, I don't know if i'll be able to surpass him. :smile:

oh, there he is :grin: sure Zaro


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Well you sure spanked me with those campaign textures :razz:. It's too bad we can't use normal maps on the world map.


Wow this is freakin Amazing stuff.
Iam usally impressed by the things is see, cause i cant do crap i totally sux in those ModdingThings, but this kicks ass.
Really Happy that there are guys that know how to do such great things for such great noobs like me :mrgreen:
Thanks Punkt, you Rawk!

Geile Sache das, beste Grüße.


Cool. I've been using the earlier version of your map texture pack for ages, refuse to play without it. Looking forward to version 2.0.


Hey those are great, may I suggest stronger variation in tree colour though? It looks more natural, these are a bit sketchy, just altered native mixed with GE2:


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Yes, that's planned for my next version. I was also going to change the map for roads and agriculture, but Punkt's textures have nice detail and it would mean dropping steppe terrain (as that's what is used for roads). There's a limit to how small and numerous they can be of course, and they're not small enough for Punkt's type of terrain (the satelite-style), which is why sprites or normal maps would have been nice.


Just a little note here:

I am making this texture pack for the native world map and for modders that wish to use it in their mods. I will not alter the world map in any other way (placing new trees or applying new textures). If you'll use these textures in your mods you'll have to adjust them yourself to suit your needs. I do not offer support for this. I only ask you to give me credit for my original work, the rest is up to you.

Also, while this looks pretty good and realistic (the dots you see there are actually trees seen from the satellite), I may have to remove them or make them appear as grass bushes (as original intended) because they don't fit with the exagerated scale of Mount & Blade world...

Also, normal maps would have been nice :smile: Maybe in M&B 2? :razz:

@buzbybadman: I'll try to make the trees fit better with the textures, thanks for the suggestion :smile:


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Fantastic work Punkt! The level of detail is nothing short of first class. Any estimates on a release date?
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