Punishing quitters with the matchmaking timer, but quitting is encouraged

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After quitting a few games in a row, you get blocked from matchmaking for five minutes. It's weird because the way the game (especially captain) stands is that the only thing you are working towards in a leveling sense in multiplayer (badges) is dependent on wins, and losing only gives you XP which goes towards your level which means by itself nothing. I see many players quit a match when its 2-2 and the match is clearly lost but there's someone hiding or otherwise prolonging the inevitable. Losing doesn't give you anything but meager worthless XP and I'd rather get on to the next match quicker if I'm trying to rack up 750 wins, so why wouldn't I quit and move on? We need to incentivize players to remain in a match to the end instead of issuing a matchmaking block for quitting when that seems like the only rational thing to do. Give extra XP or make a badge for total games played, idk. Thoughts???


I always go out if the death statistics are bad. Cancel the death statistics, leave only the number of victories and many will not come out.


Maybe a surrender function would also work to disincentivise players from leaving.
I also agree that death statistics and no incentives for the loosing side push these games in a very competitive direction while most of the casual players wander off to the badge free gamemodes.
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