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From the team that brought you five years of the Calradic Campaign, the war continues on across all different time periods and dimensions in our bi-weekly mod events! Whether you're seeking a unique, one off experience to spend your bored Saturday on, or a persistent campaign to get invested into for months, our variety of multiplayer Warband and Bannerlord events will scratch whatever itch you may have.

Event Types
Our bi-weekly events are currently divided into two unique experiences: Variety Night, and the Galactic Campaign. While both exciting experiences for new and old players of the Mount and Blade series, there are major differences between the two.

Variety Night encompasses all of our standalone events that are unrelated to one another. It includes Mod Night, which is an event that showcases the wide variety of multiplayer modules made for Warband (and hopefully one day Bannerlord!). These events allow the community to experience otherwise dead/obscure modules, providing an unique experience for many. Calradic Carnival is another event offered, which is a collection of minigames in native. These can include volleyball, Lords vs. Peasants, Hunger Games, and many more. There may even soon be a new type of event that relates to the Calradic Campaign...

The Galactic Campaign is our current persistent campaign, set in the Star Wars universe. Taking place in Bear Force II, a Star Wars conversion mod, players fight alongside their chosen faction for control of the galaxy via a persistent campaign map that updates after every event. Generals are present on each side to organize the teams, but as this is a public, casual event, their orders are not mandatory to follow. More info on this event can be found on the /r/mountandblade subreddit.


How to Join
Our events are hosted on the first and third Saturday of every month, at 4 PM EST. The first saturday will be variety night, and the third the Galactic Campaign. This schedule will begin starting on 10/3/20. The events are open to anyone, and no signups are required beforehand. Simply show up on the server at the given time and be ready to go! If there is ever a password, it will be "reddit". Our server is located in North America, but our events typically attract an international playerbase. A week before every event, a post containing the relevant event information will be posted on both the Official Mount and Blade community Discord, and subreddit. The Discord will also be host to the voice chat aspect of the campaign, where you can coordinate with both your faction leader and other players.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Hope to see you there!
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I've been participating for years. Fun and casual events. They are the only time I get to play some of these older mods in NA anymore.


I've also participated for years, were lucky to have very talented mapmakers for the Calradic Campaign events, can't wait to continue on in Bannerlord.
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