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The Aim Of This Server: The aim of this server is simply to provide a different game-mode. It is not aimed at completely recreating PUBG or the Hunger Games, but instead combines a mixture of these and other ideas, to create something (hopefully) unique and interesting. Weather you are interested in just playing around with a few friends, or organizing a larger event with your community, this should be suited to you.

The Basic Scenario:  Players spawn on a platform in the sky. After 12 seconds this platform begins to move across the map like an airplane. Players can then jump of whenever they prefer and press the down arrow key to release their parachute. (This gives them the ability to steer and control their direction of travel in mid-air). Once you land on the ground, you must find weapons, horses and uniforms, and fight it out with other players. Every few minutes visible barriers will begin to close in on, and limit the player area. If you get caught behind  a barrier you get auto-slayed, so watch out! The last man standing is the winner.

Unique Features of the server:

*  Reload muskets on the move for increased game speed (no more standing in one place to reload).
*  Player speed and health have been buffed up.
*  A variety of weapons located around the map with only a 40-60% chance of spawning (so they won't always be in the same place).
*  Chests which will give you a uniform, gloves or hat (giving you speed, armor, and accuracy bonuses).
*  Glass bottles work as smoke grenades.
*  Two large maps (so far), one snow based, and another on 2 linked islands.
*  The ability to actually fly (as if in a parachute).
*  Visible barriers limiting the player area (which will also slay those who cross them).
*  The server can be run fully without admins.

How to Join In:

Join our steam group for updates, and events.

Steam Contact:  DrummondC

Otherwise, the server PUBG_Test or PUBG_Official is always up (unless it is being upgraded).

SIDE NOTE: As this is still an experimental game-mode, I would really appreciate any feedback and advice, or any cool ideas you would like to be implemented. Thanks.


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